Wii Stuff of WiiCrazy/I.R.on

You can find the applications I developed for wii here... Some are pc applications some for wii and some has both wii & pc parts. Some are open source, some are closed source. If I find time I'll put most of them into an open source repository.

First of all, let's clear a possible confusion that may arise about my nick... in releases I write it as WiiCrazy/I.R.on. This is because my original nickname since 1994 was I.R.on but it was unavailable when I got a wii and registered in places wii related... So I used the nick WiiCrazy which was available in most places. Hence I write my both nicks in my releases...

I.R.on expands to Imagination Rules on... a nick stuck in my mind when I was watching some awesome c64 demos in '94 and comparing them. Some were easy to implement but had overally good design, some were designed bad but got numbers like x pixels per second, y frames per z, x scanlines y so on. I like the former... Hence da nick... In my computing life (93 - ~) yet I haven't shown that imagination very well but who knows, life's going on... I did a crap job of releasing sources for programs that relies on GPL'ed code by others... source code for those are always available on request. If I can find them after several crashes & reinstallations of course :)

Name & DescriptionLatest VersionDownload
WiiGSC - An easy to use channel creator for games loaded through usb (reincarnation of Crap)03/07/2011
KeyStego - A human aided steganography application based on word modulation. You can hide a byte for each sentence you write down carefully.18/11/2009
HideandSeek - A hidden channel creator. You can create hidden channels like DVDX and install to your wii with this program.17/07/2009
Crazy Intro - A preloader plugin that you can use to create custom intros.10/04/2010
Crazy Intro Video POC - A preloader plugin that you can use to create custom intros with videos22/02/2009
Crap - An easy to use channel creator for games loaded through usb (obsolete see WiiGSC)30/04/2010
Crappified USB Loader 1.5 - Waninkoko's 1.5 loader with various fixes and Crap compatibility12/07/2009
Crappified YAL Loader - Kwiirk's YAL loader with various fixes and Crap compatibility12/07/2009
FE100 - A savefile packing & unpacking program, based on segher's tachtig & twintig17/07/2009
Custom Frodo - A custom Frodo (C64 emulator) that is able to create & load snapshots for wii c64 VC emulator.07/10/2008
Frodosrc.rar (binary & src.)
Title Lister - Originally coded by bushing, this mod includes wiimote control as well as saving titles to sd card. Also this is the first development effort I made for Wii.15/06/2008
CrazyLoad - A gui wiiload client to use with wii04/10/2009
WiiGSCAn easy to use channel creator for games loaded through usb (reincarnation of Crap)
Date & VersionChangesDownload

* Wbfs file/path naming fixes. 

* 64-bit Windows compatibility (cough Win 7 cough)

* Self Installer updated (win. executables created by WiiGSC)

* Splash image of wad installer changed & infamous cios 249 bug fixed.
You can now use any revision of cios 249.

* Cosmetic changes regarding test & installation feature.

* KeyStego tool bundled into the release again.

* Bundled language updates (German, Japanese, S.Chinese)


* Now language files & loaders can be updated with the nifty 
update interface. 

* Added proxy setting. WiiGSC uses internet when it gets the list
of blocked games and/or update manifest, update files. 


* Game name extraction from banner has a language order preference 
setting now.

* Bug regarding unicode filename creation fixed.

* You can hide the disclaimer so that everytime you open the app
it doesn't popup.

* Game blocking type can now be configured inside the app. 


* Initial release

* Most importantly Crap is renamed as WiiGSC

* Crap converted from managed+unmanaged c++ to c#

* OpenSSL dependency dropped

* Loader configuration system completely changed and became xml based.

* Instead of portable releases now there is an installer simplifying
release preparation process. 

KeyStegoA human aided steganography application based on word modulation. You can hide a byte for each sentence you write down carefully.
Date & VersionChangesDownload

This program provides a mechanism for you to convey secret 
information in regular text. The thing in general called Steganography which is mostly used
in watermarking to protect the authenticity of certain media, be it a movie a picture, you name it.
In the past it's used in spying during wars or similar serious stuff. There are 500 most common English words 
in the bundled words.txt file, they are sorted from the most frequent to less frequent. Words are divided into 
groups of 125 words each having a value from the first four powers of two (1, 2, 4, 8) . 
For each sentence a checksum produced to form a nibble that is 4 bits or in another words half a byte. 
Once you choose your words carefully you can convey secret information in a normal looking sentence. 

HideandSeekA hidden channel creator. You can create hidden channels like DVDX and install to your wii with this program.
Date & VersionChangesDownload

* A simple hidden channel creator for homebrew
* You can create hidden channels and launch them using Crazy Intro
or any other loader that supports launching them. (currently none)
* Hidden channels don't have banners so there is a minimum risk 
of brick. Still don't use them if you don't have preloader and/or
* Hidden channels are legal to distribute as long as you are 
the author or has the permission from the author for the executable
in the hidden channel. They don't contain any ninty stuff. 
* Thanks for all those who tested! 
kyogc, WiiLee, nknave, GreyDeath, wii_128, ThatDudeWithTheFood, 
justinrocks123, markehmus, Petewithf33t, SherlockHolmeboy
* Extra thanks for ThatDudeWithTheFood who supplied the Crap 
Installer background. 

Crazy IntroA preloader plugin that you can use to create custom intros.
Date & VersionChangesDownload

10/04/2010 WiiCrazy (I.R.on)

* Compiled with latest Grrlib 4.2.0

* Mii display support for the birthday feature (thanks to mdbrim)
see example here : http://www.wiidewii.com/data/crazyintro-mii.jpg

* Being forced to the first wiimote issue fixed.

* Few effect fixes as well


* Compiled with latest Grrlib 4.1.0 / devkitpro r19

* Default intro can launch the Homebrew Channel with the new 
title id.

* Added random theme support, in CrazyIntro.xml config file 
set the theme as random. The example configuration in the 
distribution also uses random.

* Added random/sequential (up to 9999 pictues) boot picture 
support. So in a theme you can have multiple boot pictures and 
program will alternate between those boot pictures. See theme_explained.xml 
or supplied kanji_10 theme for it's usage. 

* Improved dol/elf loader, still buggy though in certain apps.

* You can keep your configuration file (CrazyIntro.xml), nothing
changed regarding that. Example configuration provided for the
first time users.


* Visual settings and button configurations separated. Now you 
can build & share themes. Each theme has their own folder under
crazyintro folder in the sd card. You can select the theme used
by editing the crazyintro.xml configuration file. You should use
folder name of the theme. Now crazyintro.xml file only contains
stuff like shortcuts & selected theme and so on.

* All wiimote buttons are now configurable. You can even control 
what to launch with A and B buttons. Also +, -, 1, 2 buttons 
are configurable.

* You can create complicated shortcuts. Say you don't want your 
kids messing with the dangerous applications, you can create 
hidden shortcuts to those applications. They can be a hidden 
channel or a dol/elf on the sd card.  For ex: pressing HOME 
followed by Left, A, Right, A would take you to any title 

* Autoboot function for mp3 playing themes. Boots your chosen 
shortcut, be it homebrew channel, system menu or any title on 
your wii... (of course when music stops)

* Experimental dol/elf loading feature added, beware there are 
some compatibility issues in some applications at the moment.

* Code is now open source : http://code.google.com/p/crazyintro/


* Title type now configurable, you can launch hidden channels,
system channels and such...


* Using latest libogc, sdhc support along with it.
* Birthday feature added. If one of your miis have a birthday a
customizable image displayed and an mp3/mod file played along 
with it greeting the user.
* Press picture can use tilesets which can be used in creation, 
of simple animations. For better description of the feature take
a look at crazyintro-explained.xml in the archive. Also three 
images and three example configuration files supplied in the 

Dancing girl animation : Nipson / from demo Eiger 
Birthday music : Jogeir Liljedahl 


* Using GRRLIB 4.0
* Able to use effects fully configurable using the config file
* Picture size & position is configurable and press this and
that stuff can be used too...
* Reset button leads to the system menu to overcome the wiimote
sync issue with preloader.
* If there is no custom stuff on the sd card then displays a 
default intro
* Examine the supplied config file to see which effects are there
* And finally, this is still a beta version, so expect bugs! 


* Shutdown with wiimote works... Normal power button or reset
  doesn't work, probably interferes with mp3 playing... yet to
  be resolved.
* Made it somewhat configurable, you can assign channels to
  directional buttons in the wiimote and quick boot into them.
  Example config xml provided. PictureIntroEffect and
  PictureOutroEffect settings have no use at the moment. 


* Now returns to menu when music stops
* Fixed a file reading bug 


A customizable intro program to use along with preloader,
Put your opening picture as boot.jpg and music as boot.mp3 in
the root of the sd card... and install this as an autoboot dol
for preloader. 

Make sure you set return to menu option as system
menu so that when you return to menu from games & applications 
intro is not booted again.

While on the intro screen, press A to boot into system menu,
press B to boot into Homebrew channel...

And this has nothing to do with booting backup games and such and
never will. If you can use preloader, then you can use this too..

In the works :
* Playing the sound streamed from sd card, now it loads into memory
* Playing avi, mpeg stuff
* Nice effects while entering and leaving the intro screen
* Full customization with settings
* Random stuff like a different intro for each day
* Later I want to make a random kanji displayer with this like this

Known bugs and limitations: 
* Music stops before playing fully
* Pressing the power button crashes the program
* You can't sync your wiimote while this intro displayed... 
  You can do it in the preloader menu for now
* Tested only on Preloader v0.27, may not work as expected in the
 other versions.

Thanks : 
	Crediar giving us preloader, 
	Devkitpro team,
	Teknecal, used the tutorial there for jpeg stuff

Crazy Intro Video POCA preloader plugin that you can use to create custom intros with videos
Date & VersionChangesDownload

* Garbled display at the start and in the end issue is solved
* No multiple wiimote clicking, pressing a single button will work
* You can have more than one video configured, just delimit the filenames with
Like this, 
Program will randomly select the video file and play...



This is basically proof of concept CrazyIntro with video support. In this 
version mp3/jpeg stuff is deliberately taken off. Currently it's just a rip off 
from mplayerwii... 

CrazyIntro.xml config file can be used for direct channel launching as usual.
A new config element named VideoFile added, you can define the boot video as the 
filename element of VideoFile tag. An example config file and boot video 
provided in the archive.

Sources are left out as usual because they are messy... I'll release 
them as soon as I get them at the quality I expect from any published source.

Current bugs & glitches:

1. Mplayerwii build is rather bulky (which preloader doesn't like)
so I compressed the dol which makes the initial display garbled.

2. You need to press twice on wiimote to launch channels/hbc/system 
menu. Though if it's a quick video you don't need to press anything,
the thing will automatically load system menu when video finished.

Thanks : 
	MickeyBlue (for the example video included in the archive)
	My wife

CrapAn easy to use channel creator for games loaded through usb (obsolete see WiiGSC)
Date & VersionChangesDownload

* Multilanguage fixes, added new keys into several language files
in English. 

* New configuration string in crap.cfg to list extra parameters
for forwarders. 

* Semi-user-friendly filling of extra parameters. Just double 
click from a list of all possible configuration strings.

* Added Italian language (thanks to wiixale) 


* Now bundled a tool to create self installer dol/exe for homebrew
channels. To distribute forwarders & stuff.

* Batch creation through banners fixed.

* Standalone 1.6 loader is now compatible with waninkoko's latest
cios rev18 / rev19

* Added ios selection into the installer.  


* Compression support for the installation feature. Thanks goes
to Leathl for figuring out a compatible zlib library.

* Installer dol now can be saved to wad folder.

* Standalone Windows executables can be compiled & created on 
the fly for installation of game channels.  


* Now Drive window could be used for FAT32/NTFS partitions 
containing WBFS folder and games.

* You can now select multiple games at the same time in Drive
window. If you select more than 1 game than this selection will
be processed in batch. Also added a new button there to select
and add all games in the Drive to the batch process list. 

* Various fixes for wad naming.

* Cfg. Usb Loader direct fat loader added. Both loaders updated to
latest Cfg. Usb Loader 55b2 release. 


* Fixed drive letter disappearing bug for WBFS drive
* Made the WBFS drive sticky
* Removed libeay.dll / OpenSSL dependency completely. Wad 
packing & unpacking library changed to Leathl's managed Wii.cs wii 
library due to memory protection issues in the original unmanaged 
c library. Nifty for those who do batch channel creation. My thanks 
goes to Leathl for this.
* Nand loaders (base wads) now easily configurable. Use it with 
caution though modified taiko nand loader doesn't work correctly on 
480p. And comex's nand loader doesn't seem to work at all. 
* Now cleaning up temp folder before each wad packing.  


* A bug in forwarder usage fixed (regarding partition selection and
extra parameter passing)
* NTFS partition selection added for Configurable Usb Loader
forwarders. Now fills extra parameters field and doesn't use
#GAMEID-X syntax.
* Installer wad limit increased to 4MB, added SHA check do detect
possible transmission errors. 


* Batch mode not working with new loaders issue fixed and some nice 
progress bar & status text added.

* Added Conf. Usb Loader as a loader courtesy of oggzee. Remember
this one is not a forwarder and it's the actual boot.dol distributed with 
the official Conf. Usb Loader releases. To update it just replace 
ConfUsbLoader.dol under the Loaders folder with the updated dol from
Conf. Usb Loader distribution. It doesn't support partition selection yet
but hopefully will be in future releases. 


* Usb loader GX forwarder added. 

* Now there are two Configurable USB Loader forwarders, one launches
the loader with splash screen, the other one without.

* Added support for argument passing into the forwarders.
With Conf. Forwarder for example : 
ios=223-mload (you can choose ios)
video=ntsc (choose the video mode)
ocarina=1 (activate ocarina)

For full listing of arguments and their options please refer to your loader's

* Contains hotfixes released for 2.4b 


* Second wad naming option (Game name-Disc Id.wad) fixed.

* List of games from Wbfs drive sorted by game name (May bork if
there are more than 1 game with the same name)

* Added ability to extract banners using wbfs_file.exe, copy 
wbfs_file.exe under 3rdParty folder and use ISO/WBFS File selection
to open a wbfs file. 


* Quick fix to "Select partition" display bug.

* Yal & 1.6 Loader updated for the green flash fix, now these two
loaders doesn't enable video if verbose log option is off. So no 
more green flash.

* Common key is no longer bundled with the program. 
Program now uses my new KeyStego library which is able to extract 
secret data out of plain harmless text. (see WiiHackingHistory.txt)
The app that is used to create the plain text is in the archive 
(see KeyStego.exe) but it's not necessary to use. Just in case you find 
another use for it ;) 


* Support for Configurable loader added, uses Narolez' forwarder. For the
long loading times, please bug Configurable Loader team. Can't do anything
about it.

Your configurable loader should reside in one of below folders

You can select the partition for the Configurable Loader. Yes with fat32 support.

* Added wichoxp's triiforce loader mod. He says it support ocarina and cios rev15.

* Base wads made region free... 

* Added French translation thanks to orwel & sirakain
orwel (French-1 translation)
sirakain (French-2 translation) 


* Removed limitation that forced disc id's to start with 'R' character. 
Since now 'S' character is so common.

* Added game blocking feature through an online/offline blocked game list
for those games that causes banner bricks.

* Fixed verbose log option for Triiforce loader. Untested, if it doesn't
work than fallback to the one that comes with 2.0b or Wiichoxp's one.

* Added already done translations into release, big thanks to those who

david432111 (Danish translation)
Det1re (German translation)
erikk1 (Dutch translation)
transam81 (Spanish translation) 


* Added a triiforce loader, you can create forwarding channels 
for vc/wiiware games. Compared to 30-50MB  space required on nand
for these channels, channels created with crap will only take 

341K - Triiforce loader
128K - Nand loader
X00K - Game banner (X -> 1..5)
Totalling ~0.6-1 MB which means 30-50 times saving with the 
comfort of launching the channels from your menu.

* Possibly introduced some bugs along with this feature addition 
hence it's tagged as beta. Stick with 1.70 if you don't care about 
vc/wiiware channel loading. 


* Now it's multilingual! Though I have to admit I only added 
Turkish, if you want to help me with the other languages please
do so. Just copy English.xml to the language of your choice and
edit the texts between Item tags... Language file should be named 
as it's seen on the Language menu... (for ex: Italian.xml for 

* Refixed partition selection for ISO's and WBFS. 

* Ip address of the wii configurable

* Some gui reshaping, now it takes much less space. Also added a 

* Contains free to distribute base wxd's... They don't contain any


* Wiiload client updated, supports new Homebrew Channel (1.0.5)

* Fixed partition selection for ISO's. Previously fixed for WBFS.


* WBFS feature added...

* Banner naming bug fixed

* Fixed a bug where discs without update partitions not detected 


* No need to use wiiscrubber any more, thanks to managed c# 
library by Omega Frost. Wbfs feature will be in the next release.

* Alt-dol support added. You can selectively make the loader load
the alt-dol from NAND/SD/DISC... I only tested this feature with
Metroid Prime and it seems working... 


* Added installation over network feature for the created game


* Two loaders updated, YAL and 1.5 loader has 002 fix support 
* With the 002 fix support most new games are supported
* Removed the base.wad from distribution, you need to supply one
in the program folder.
* Sources for updated loaders & wad packing library are available 
on request...  


* Another bugfix release
* Fixed a bug that defaulted the Crap to SD loader every time
* Fixed 1.5 loader, it was not working correctly for USB loading
* Fixed a bug that prevented error display (possibly no one noticed :) )


** Minor naming fixes for Nintendo's literally crap handling of 
* Enforces R character as the first character of the disc id. 


** Now displays channel name it gets from the banner header. 
* You can select the naming of the output file.
* Added batch mode, simply select the loader & options and drag
the banner files onto the program window. A list will be activated
in the program window along with a button "Batch Create". Clicking
that button will create channels for each banner you drop onto the 
* dol files moved into the Loaders folder
* Now channels are created in the Wad directory.
* wad packing is done in the Temp directory. 


* Added SD / USB selection. Finally crappified a loader that has
ocarina support as well as launching from sd/sdhc card. Loaders
increased to 4. 


* Added support for language patching & video mode forcing & 
ocarina support (for future)

* Modified sorg's usb loader 1.1 mod so that it supports Crap's
config stuff... 

* Removed the beta tag from versioning with the adding of simple 
banner header check. Still have something to cover your ass in 
case of bricks. And remember stuff you download from Internet 
is much riskier than the stuff you create yourself... Unless you
are über noob or you have a really bad luck...

* Crappier... 


* Added testing on homebrew channel function, after packing click
test& enter the ip and send to test the dol before installing the

* Added configuration, now you can use any dol you want, check out
the crap.cfg configuration file. 


This is a beta release!!!

Make sure you have OpenSSL installed or have the libeay dlls in 
the program folder.. Also you should provide the base wad that 
will be used in the channel creation process. And the well known 
common-key under the shared folder.

Other requirements are:

. Latest .Net Framework
. VC++ 2005/2008 Redistributables


Crappified USB Loader 1.5Waninkoko's 1.5 loader with various fixes and Crap compatibility
Date & VersionChangesDownload

* Cumulative release 

Crappified YAL LoaderKwiirk's YAL loader with various fixes and Crap compatibility
Date & VersionChangesDownload

* Cumulative release 

FE100A savefile packing & unpacking program, based on segher's tachtig & twintig
Date & VersionChangesDownload

* Applied segher's bugfixes... namely the requirement for 8 icons for 
the savefile which was causing problems when packing some saves.
* Switched keygrabber to the old source of sd-key, sd-iv, md5-blanker 
since I shut my blog down temporarily. Minor cosmetic changes. 


* Keygrabber tool can extract the private ecc key from a bootmii nand
* Previous version was unable to pack save files that contained 
directories. Fixed that bug.
* Dropped the beta remark from versioning
* changed the page that got leeched when using keygrabber tool... it
was pulling the shared keys off the hackmii blog, now it does that from 
my blog. 


After Release Note : Release file named wrongly... 1.2b version do not exist.
Bundled with key grabber tool, you no longer need to manually create
the files needed by the program. Just run the FE100KeyGrabber tool,

Here how you will use the FE100KeyGrabber,

1. Click the ‘Get stuff from Interwebz’ button to obtain sd-key, sd-iv 
and md5-blanker
2. Get a savefile from your wii (no matter what) and click the ‘Get 
stuff from a savefile’ button and point it to the savefile…

It will give you
Ng-id (your console’s id)
NG-mac (your console’s wifi adapter’s mac address)
Ng-sig (your console’s elliptical curve crypt. public key)

and finally,

3. Click the ‘Get stuff from xyzzy key dump’ button, there you should 
provide your keys.txt you obtained from xyzzy tool by bushing… This 
step will extract the ecc key (NG-priv) out of keys.txt and you will 
be complete…

After you got all these keys, click the ‘Make me happy!’ button and 
program will save the keys/information into the respective files so 
you can use them with unpacking and packing saves with FE100…



This program is a windows port of Segher's two save tools, namely 
tachtig and twintig.

Just click the info button in the program for extra information about 
requirements and stuff.

Program is not bundled with any wii specific or shared keys.
You should hunt for them yourself...

How to obtain the necessary files are discussed in the below forum 


Custom FrodoA custom Frodo (C64 emulator) that is able to create & load snapshots for wii c64 VC emulator.
Date & VersionChangesDownload

Source release (Sound working, vic state enchanced(?))
Tweaked to work in Visual Studio 2008 hence it's a bit deviated from original source, original can
be downloaded from http://frodo.cebix.net/
You need to have directx sdk installed or have the necessary libraries from directx sdk and set 
those in vs ide. 
More information : http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=102356

Frodosrc.rar (binary & src.)

Binary only release

Technical Details
This custom frodo is based on the snapshot that comes with International Karate VC game 
and currently limited to the single file games.

C64 VC emulator on Wii is probably a Frodo ported to this platform with changes 
in interface, controls and snapshot format. 

Frodo snapshot contains various chips states along with the contents of C64 RAM, 1541 RAM 
so on. Currently some of those state information is restored in the patched snapshot. 
The rest will come from the international karate snapshot file. Currently only ram, cpu, sid 
and vic state is restored. There are problems with the cia chips state. But that should not 
be a problem for most of the games.

First of all you need the snapshot from International Karate game to make use of this. It's in 
the LZ77_snapshot.bin file. You need to decompress it first with gbalzss tool. I'm not going into 
details of how this file can be obtained. Once you got the decompressed snapshot file 
(it should be 68,928 bytes), name it as ik.fss and put it in the same folder as this app.

Load a single file game in custom Frodo (in the preferences set the d64 file and load the game)
Preferably in the crack intro or trainer (if there is any) or in any part of the game take a snapshot
using Patch and Save snapshot option under Tools.

Compress your taken snapshot with the gbalzss tool and replace the LZ77_snapshot.bin file in the 
original international karate wad file.  Now you have an injected c64 VC game! Enjoy :)

Bo_Frost : Finding out the snapshot thing and testing it packing, unpacking wads!
FGOD, Da_GPer : Keeping the topic alive and supplying information

Title ListerOriginally coded by bushing, this mod includes wiimote control as well as saving titles to sd card. Also this is the first development effort I made for Wii.
Date & VersionChangesDownload

Added output to the sd card, no core part of the original 
application changed. Just put video initing functions out of 
this file since I borrowed some code from ftpii application. 
I've put them on the common.c file. My changes look ugly partly 
because it's been some 10 years I coded a c application and also 
because debugging is a lot of pain when coding for wii.

I patched this mainly for myself being a crap 21" crt tv owner. 

CrazyLoadA gui wiiload client to use with wii
Date & VersionChangesDownload

* Initial version